ILPC 2022, 21st to 23rd April Padua

ILPC 2021 Streams

Covid-19 - Work, Employment and the Labour Process


Stream Organizer

Professor Phil Taylor, University of Strathclyde

The consequences of Covid-19 for labour markets, work organisation, labour process, employment relations and the experience(s) of work have been - and remain - momentous, far-reaching and unprecedented. The organisers of this stream welcome papers of diverse kinds, ranging from conceptually-informed empirical studies, to theoretical reflections or interdisciplinary contributions that, for example, may meld epidemiological with sociological, geographical, political-economic and other disciplinary orientations. Specific foci might be; occupational health studies, where the nature of work organisation and the labour process may have contributed to exposure to SARS-CoV-2, whether front-line workers or workplace clusters (e.g. textile factories, food processing plants, contact/call centres, transport); organisational restructuring; homeworking and its manifold implications, for example, for managerial control, gender and domestic work, work life balance, collectivism, trade unionism and resistance); BAME experiences, given disproportionate levels of infection and morbidity; the future of work including the loci of work, the future of the office, automation and new technologies.