ILPC 2024, 3rd-5th April 2024, Göttingen

ILPC Steering and Publishing Groups

Membership of the ILPC Steering Group is based on representation from institutions that have organised a conference, largely in the last 10 years. This reflects the main purpose of the group, which is to act as the collective memory of the conference, thus helping to share expertise, spread good practice and generally keep the show on the road. The latter includes making decisions on the future location and hosting of the event. No independent financial resources are held by the group. All conferences have to be self-financing. Part of the surplus from recent conferences has been invested in the ILPC website, whose technical coordinator is Graham Lynch, based at Strathclyde. All calls for papers or bids to run the conference are posted on the website.

In addition to and working with the Steering Group, there is a sub-group with responsibility for the book series.

The Book Series

  • Irena Grugulis (University of Leeds)
  • Chris Smith (University of London - Royal Holloway)
  • Chris Warhurst (University of Warwick)

The Steering Group

The Steering Group for ILPC currently consists of:

  • Abigail Marks (University of Stirling)
  • Adrienne Eaton (Rutgers University)
  • Chris Smith (University of London - Royal Holloway)
  • Chris Warhurst (University of Warwick)
  • Fredrik Movitz (University of Uppsala)
  • Irena Grugulis (University of Leeds)
  • Kendra Briken (University of Strathclyde)
  • Kirsty Newsome (University of Sheffield)
  • Maurizio Atzeni (Centre for Labour Relations, CEIL/Conicet Buenos Aires)
  • Paul Thompson - Convener (University of Stirling)
  • Safak Tartanoglu Bennett (University of Sheffield)
  • Sian Moore (University of Greenwich)
  • Steven Vincent (University of Newcastle)