ILPC 2022, 21st to 23rd April Padua


The 39th International Labour Process Conference

‘Security in Work? The workplace after COVID-19’

University of Greenwich, 12-14 April 2021


The Centre for Research on Employment and Work (CREW) is delighted to host the 39th International Labour Process Conference 2021 at the University of Greenwich on 12-14th April. 

The theme of the conference will be Security in Work? The workplace after COVID-19 

The conference will coincide with and celebrate the launch of the first edition of ILPC’s new journal, Work in the Global Economy

Recognising that the workplace will not be the same place following COVID-19, the Conference plenaries will focus upon the (re)organisation of work following the pandemic and the prospect of future waves. At the same time, the death of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted widespread racism at societal and institutional levels, from which the workplace is not exempt. COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on workers of colour and has illuminated long-standing inequalities in the labour market.  Intersections of gender, class and race will shape experiences of the imminent economic crisis, patterns of job loss and work reorganisation. 

It is premature to expect substantive research on the impact of COVID-19 and thus papers are also invited to address empirical research and cutting-edge theoretical debate within the ILPC’s labour process and work organization tradition, reflecting a broad range of topics and critical perspectives.

Rather than have a stream on race that may marginalise the issue, we are asking that proposed streams address race and discrimination. Research concerning race and ethnicity has been underpinned by a social justice perspective such as critical race theory which can make sense of racialised experiences in the workplace. Yet it is time for labour process theory to engage with race to be relevant to the current reality of work, research and practice.

We would like to hold one stream that focusses, empirically and/or theoretically on the workplace after COVID-19. Such a stream may address one or more of the following: 

  • the protection, health and safety of workers; 
  • variations in the impact on workers by race and ethnicity, caring responsibilities, disability, age, migration status and gender;
  • the legacies of online and home working; 
  • the pandemic as a driver or inhibitor of automation, artificial intelligence and technology;
  • changes to the domestic division of labour and gender relations;
  • changes in service delivery and production; 
  • the differential outcomes experienced by workers on non-standard and standard contracts;
  • collective and individual responses to the impact of COVID-19 and the defence and assertion of changed ways of working.

Special Streams

Whilst most of the papers for the conference are submitted to the General Stream, ILPC also runs special streams. These streams are intended to expand our community of scholars and stimulate debate in new areas relevant to analysis of labour processes, labour markets, labour organising and labour reproduction. The 2021 conference will run the following special streams:

Abstract Submissions and Deadlines

All abstracts are externally reviewed. Papers must not have been previously published or presented elsewhere. The abstract should contain clear information about the topic, how it is being investigated and the intended contribution to knowledge.

Abstracts relating to new empirical research should contain information about theoretical orientation, findings, methodology and the stage of the research (if appropriate). Abstracts of papers that are concerned solely with theoretical or conceptual matters should provide clear information on how they address and advance relevant debates. Abstracts should be between 350-500 words.

Key words should be given that indicate the focus of research and the methods used.

The conference is also open to a small number of proposals for symposia. These differ from standard paper sessions in that they focus on s single theme and roundtable discussion. Abstracts should be submitted in the normal way, but should specify topic, rationale and contributing speakers.

ILPC abstract submission is now open! Use this link to go to the submission site.

The final deadline is November 27, 2020. Decisions of acceptance will be made by early December 2020.