Papers presented in Edinburgh during the 27th ILPC.

Papers from ILPC 2009

HarleyBillHigh Performance Work Systems and the Disciplined Worker Thesis: An Empirical TestAbstractPaper
  The influence of identity, 'community' and social networks on how workers access support for work-based problemsAbstractPaper
  Women in the artistic professions: contribution of sociology to the analysis of the processes of "social closure"AbstractPaper
  Can you Hear Us?: The Effectiveness of European Works Councils (EWCs) as a Mechanism of Employee Voice for Hungarian Workers of three Multinational Companies (MNCs) in the Printing, Chemical and Food Industries.Abstract 
GrugulisIrena"No place to hide"? The realities of leadership in UK supermarketsAbstract 
EllisVaughanProfit before People: Workers' Experiences of Privatisation at British Gas and National Savings and InvestmentsAbstract 
  Change: A Threat and A PromiseAbstractPaper
  Consent and dissent amongst Chinese schoolteachers: a study of the reaction of schoolteachers to recent government educational reforms in Guangzhou cityAbstract 
  THE WORK IS ALL THEY HAVE: An ethnographic analysis of knowledge work processes, bureaucracy and hierarchy in a leading multi-national.AbstractPaper
  Employability and the Variety of CapitalismAbstract 
DanfordAndy'You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows': public sector reform and its impact upon climatology scientists in the UK.AbstractPaper
  Process as labour: Implementing Anti Oppression Practices in a Feminist OrganizationAbstract 
  Evaluating the Effect of Internship on the Vocational Integration of Young PeopleAbstract 
  Strategies to Attract and Retain Paid Care Workers: Some Paradoxical EffectsAbstractPaper
  The Organising Model of Union revitalisation in unionised workplaces: Is there room for improvement? A Case Study in two higher education establishments.Abstract 
CunninghamIanRetendering and the Voluntary sector - Implications for terms and conditions and workforce attitudesAbstract 
BainesDonnaResistance as Emotional Labour:The Australian and Canadian Nonprofit Social ServicesAbstractPaper
  The individualization of employment relationshipAbstract 
  Can 'union organising' regenerate labour unionism in Britain and the United States?Abstract 
  Exploring Voluntary Sector Pay in the UK: Testing the "warm glow" theoryAbstractPaper
  Women trade union leaders in Barbados: Exploring the local within the globalAbstract 
  Financial accessibility in the informal retail sector: A study of street vendors in MumbaiAbstractPaper
  Top down or bottom up? Female street-level bureaucrats and "community work", the case of two types of public care workers in Brazil (São Paulo)Abstract 
UpchurchMartinAlternative Futures for West European Trade Unions: towards a typologyAbstractPaper
  Embedded disembedding interactions: the (limited) transnationalisation of the call-centre industryAbstractPaper
  Recognising domiciliary care as real workAbstractPaper
  Appropriating the brand: union organising in front-line service workAbstract 
  "Where do I hide my time?": Time reckoning, technology, and resistance among Web workersAbstractPaper
  Willingness to cooperate and social integration of Mini-jobbers in to the permanent staff: An explorative study in the retail-sectorAbstractPaper
  Self Sufficiency for Ex-OffendersAbstract 
HocqueletMathieuProductive Restructurations and Commitment at Work in French retail stores: The Invisible Hand from the Market to the OrganisationAbstractPaper
HopkinsBenjaminInformal Hierarchies amongst Migrant Workers in Low-Skill UK Food Manufacturing JobsAbstractPaper
  More Than Just Opening Doors: Gender, the Building Trades and United States Workforce PolicyAbstract 
RussellBobNursing on the Line: Work Rationalisation or Professional Call Centres?Abstract 
KarlssonJan ChStranger on the shore. A foreigner looks at the British debate on resistance and organisational misbehaviourAbstractPaper
  Wearing two hats: doctor managers' experiences in two Spanish hospitalsAbstract 
MarksAbigailFace Off: Tactics for the management of parallel identity dissonanceAbstract 
CunninghamIan'White Knuckle Care Work' – Working on the edge with the most excludedAbstract 
  Projects, Careers and Resistances in HotelsAbstractPaper
  Something to Show for It: the place of mementoes in women's oral histories of work.AbstractPaper
  Working through change: oral testimony, identity and the place of anecdotesAbstract 
  Life amongst the aisles: Restructuring supermarket workAbstractPaper
BouquinStephenResistance to work and at the workplace, a blind spot for french sociology ? of workAbstract 
  Opening the Window: Death and the Support WorkerAbstractPaper
jarosstephenIdentity and the workplace: An assessment of contextualist and discursive approachesAbstractPaper
macmahonjulietExamining Climate in the Context of a Voluntary sector under pressure; The particular Case of two Intellectual Disability Service Providers in IrelandAbstractPaper
  Interregional Trade Union Councils between Portugal and Spain – a Portuguese viewpoint of an ongoing processAbstract 
  A Case Study in Long-Term Resistance and Strategic Solidarity: The Alliance Between Hawaii Hotel Workers and Japanese Travel Agency Unions.Abstract 
  Local development and care services in CataloniaAbstractPaper
  Work Processes and Labour Control in a Luxury HotelAbstract 
LorettoWendyExtending Working Lives: Rights and responsibilitiesAbstract 
  Re-assessing the concept of employee silence: A critical reviewAbstractPaper
  Organisational change and job satisfaction among voluntary and paid workersAbstractPaper
  Serving and consuming: alcohol, work and leisure in Hospitality occupationsAbstract 
  "Observations of changes of behaviours and statutes of the user-patient with hospitals: which effects on work and on social dialogue? – The case of a public university hospital in France"AbstractPaper
  Technology Policies With Teeth: Can Recalcitrant Workbloggers Be Co-opted and Controlled?AbstractPaper
  On the Front Line: Renewing the Ethnographic TraditionAbstract 
O'SullivanMichelleUnion strategy and recruitment success: the case of IrelandAbstractPaper
  The Balancing Act: A Study of Women Lawyers in New JerseyAbstract 
  Bodies, Body Work and the Labour ProcessAbstract 
  Learning biographies: apprenticeship and identity in England and GermanyAbstract 
ElgerTonyWhat does Critical Realism Add to Case-study Research?Abstract 
SiebenBarbaraDiversity orders in organizations. A critical analysis based on structuration theoryAbstract 
  Managerialisation and union organising in Not-for-profit and Voluntary Welfare Organisations and control over the labour processAbstractPaper
ParryEmmaHRM in the UK Voluntary Sector: Exploring the influence of government as a purchaser of servicesAbstract 
  Mobilities and hospitality workAbstractPaper
  Surviving Lean Injury, Redundancy and Retirement in the lean societyAbstract 
  How management sequentially eroded the acute trust hospital Registered Nurse [RN] Labour force: From a 'gold' to a 'silver' to a 'bronze' patient service: An ethnographic study.AbstractPaper
  'Dumb and Dumber' ? Temporary Work and Temporary Work Agency Use in the Australian Hotel IndustryAbstract 
  Transformations in industrial workers identities – Exploring class by narratives of workers in Nuremberg (Germany)Abstract 
HislopDonaldMobile Phone Use in Work: The inevitable Blurring of Work-Life Boundaries?Abstract 
  Community Unionism in theory and practiceAbstract 
HoltgreweUrsulaFlexibility and restructuring of value chains: findings from the WORKS projectAbstractPaper
  Under-funded and Overwhelmed: the Voluntary Sector and Employment Deregulation.Abstract 
ThoryKathrynWork is Where the Heart is? Managers and Leaders' Experiences of Emotional Intelligence in the New EconomyAbstract 
  The Role of Identity Frameworks in the development of Lifestyle TerrainsAbstractPaper
  Perceptions of Deviant Behaviour: An Exploratory Analysis of the Timex DisputeAbstract 
  The 'Lost Boys': An overlooked detail in retail?AbstractPaper
  Flow and contra-flow in English Teacher UnionismAbstractPaper
  Gendered experiences of Polish migrants on the UK labour marketAbstract 
  Painting capitalism: empty labor and the issue of soldieringAbstractPaper
  Exploring the Link between Identity and Labour Process in the Cultural Industries - Empirical Pitfalls and Theoretical ChallengesAbstract 
  Revitalising understandings of the importance of consent in the reproduction of quality regimes in Scottish Further EducationAbstractPaper
TaylorPhil'Too Scared to Go Sick' – Reformulating a Research Agenda on Sickness AbsenteeismAbstract 
  Hotel Room Attendants and Job Quality: A Comparison of Work, Wages and Labour Market Institutions in Europe and the USAbstract 
  Transfer and transformation - Outsourcing public services to the voluntary sectorAbstract 
  Workplace Resistance: using the leaderless resistance model to analyse workplace sabotage.Abstract 
KorczynskiMarekThe Sense of Humor: Critical poetics of work-related joking in a Taylorized factoryAbstract 
  New Labour's Employability and Skills Agenda: Perceptions from the MarginsAbstract 
  Migrating into recession: Polish migrants in the new Irish labour marketAbstract 
  Working in Large Food Retailers: A US-France Comparative PerspectiveAbstractPaper
  Stereotyping and detoxification as modes of negotiating and sustaining work identities: A study of Indian call centre employeesAbstractPaper
  Outsourcing in the British social care sector: a consideration of the feasibility of 'beyond market' contractingAbstract 
  Understanding workplace bullying in IrelandAbstract 
  Union strategies in representing 'new workers': The case of Australian and UK retail unionsAbstractPaper
LloydCarolineIs there a 'high road' in the hotel industry?Abstract 
RichardsJamesA labour process analysis of the exclusion of Adults with Asperger Syndrome from the workplaceAbstract 
  All quiet on the workplace front? - Security Work and the Labour ProcessAbstract 
ClarkeLindaFrom Craft and Trade to Occupation: the changing identity of the European bricklayerAbstract 
ZhengYuControl and Resistance in Management Transfer: A case of Japanese synthetic fibre plant in ChinaAbstract 
  Periphery Center-Stage: Small Regional Independents and SkillsAbstract 
NicksonDennisUnderstanding Variaibility in Retail Work: An Analysis of Labour Supply and Skills Demands in Clothing, Footwear and Leather GoodsAbstract 
LeeSairaDeadlines, Interruptions and Volume of Work - Contrasting Sources and Experiences of Intensity in Software WorkAbstractPaper
StroudDeanChanging experiences of (steel)work: Capitalism, Technology and the Question of SkillAbstract 
SchaeferStephanVolvo for life? Self Identities at a Car Manufacturing PlantAbstractPaper
  The Future of the Indian Call Centre Generation:AbstractPaper
  Strike Activity on London Underground: Incidence, Dynamics and CausesAbstract 
  Reclaiming Workers' Collectiveness in China's Global FactoriesAbstract 
  Work family balance. The possibilities and difficulties for Temporary Agency Workers in Sweden.AbstractPaper
  (Un)Doing Lamai: texts, identity and resistanceAbstractPaper
  Employability-as-the-new-job security and the new psychological contract: increased freedom or glorification of an erosion of workers' rights?Abstract 
  Training clients and re-making temporalities: self-employed workers' strategies of temporal productionAbstract 
  Identity at play - the negotiations between domestic workers and employers in Jaipur, IndiaAbstractPaper
MocanuCristinaBeing Roma women employee: the experience of the secondary labour market segmentAbstract 
TaiHsiao-HuiLabour Identities in Taiwan: The Impact of Worker RepresentationAbstractPaper
ThompsonPaulResisting Resistance? Moving the Debate onAbstract 
  And who will support the precarious Small entrepreneurs? Results of a discourse analytical oriented study on special interest groups support for small entrepreneurs.Abstract 
van KlaverenMaartenThe impact of FDI on wages in 9 EU member stateAbstractPaper
LeinonenMinnaGender and hierarchy in promoting gender equality in the Finnish Defence ForcesAbstractPaper
  Pathways to Labor Force Disconnection and the Impact on the Larger Political EconomyAbstract 
  Union strategy, decentralisation and deregulation: Australia and New Zealand 1991-2007AbstractPaper
  Projects, Careers and Resistances in HotelsAbstract 
  The Open Plan AacademyAbstractPaper
TangianAndranikIs work in Europe decent? A study based on the 4th European Working Conditions SurveyAbstract 
  The Labour Market and the Reproduction of Laobur PowerAbstract 
  Critique and its limits: How Can we Make a Difference?Abstract 
  Navigating Uncertain Seas: UK Maritime Sector Unions in the Fight against Decline - the Nautilus ProjectAbstractPaper
  In Search of Teamworking in a Major SupermarketAbstractPaper
HampsonIan'Employability' and the Substance of Soft SkillsAbstractPaper
HampsonIanInstitutional Decomposition in Work Competence Policy: A New Permanent Revolution?AbstractPaper
randlekeithFreelancers in the Media Industries: Between Entrepreneur and Underclass?Abstract 
  Attractive Workers/Attractive Work: Unemployed Job Seekers' Access to Interactive Service WorkAbstractPaper
NewsomeKirsty'At the end of the day they want the stuff out of the door and they don't care how we do it' Understanding the nature of work in grocery distribution and warehousingAbstract 
  The changing nature of graduate employment: reconciling the labour market for graduates with the labour process in graduate jobsAbstractPaper
HurrellScottMore than a 'humpty dumpty word': A defence of the status of soft skillsAbstractPaper
  Promoting employee health and wellbeing as a further component of effective value creation and deliveryAbstractPaper
VidalMattLean Production in the US Manufacturing Field: Multiplex Institutionalization, Variegated ImplementationAbstractPaper
  Still a Coordinated Model? Market Liberalization and the Transformation of Employment Relations in the German Telecommunications IndustryAbstract 
SmithChrisCreative Industries and Labour Process AnalysisAbstract 
  Blood, sweat and tears – a study on the process of leadership and social identity in a military contextAbstract 
Duran-PalmaFernandoChile's 'contract labour movement' and prospects for union revitalisationAbstract 
  Home is where the KPI's are: the Domestication of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)Abstract 
MarksAbigailIdentity Constrution for the Deaf WorkerAbstract 
  Controlled by space and physical surroundings: Experiences from the food industryAbstract 
  Towards A New Theory of Work - Developing Theoretical Perspectives For Work And Employment Regulation in A Post-Industrial SocietyAbstractPaper
HowcroftDebraThe good, the bad, and the ugly? A historical overview of business process outsourcing to IndiaAbstract 
  "We've managed it just because they're all women" – Regimed and manageable women?Abstract 
ZuinDeboraOccupation and identity: work, skills and gender in contemporary secretarial workAbstract 
VincentSteveSocial identity the gender advantage amongst HR consultants: is the new economy's "network ethic" really ethical?Abstract 
  The Repertoire of Employee Opposition under Current Modes of Management ControlAbstractPaper
  Labor Processing Labor: A NEW CRITICAL LITERATURE FOR AIS AND MISAbstract 
  Auditing Ourselves into Crisis - Again!Abstract 
HuzellHenriettaEmployers' Aesthetic Demands and profitability of the CompanyAbstract 
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