ILPC Conference Venues and Plenary Speakers

In the early years the conference was known as the Aston-UMIST Labour Process Conference and not surprisingly the event rotated between the two. It began to change when new organisers came on the scene in the 1990s.  Paul Thompson and Chris Warhurst, then at the University of Central Lancashire, held two conferences in Blackpool. It then followed Paul to Edinburgh, Paul and Chris to Strathclyde and Chris Smith to Royal Holloway. In the new century a more open process, focused on an Organising Group constituted by a collection of previously-host institutions, has led to more varied and adventurous locations.  More information about the ILPC can be found in "The short overview of the labour process perspective and history of the International Labour Process Conference" by Chris Smith School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London.

As for plenary speakers, in the first decade, that wasn’t the way that the organisers wanted to run the conference. Even after that, it was patchy, but we’ve had some good ones!

Year Venue
2018 Buenos Aires Papers
2017 Sheffield Papers
2016 Berlin Papers - Call for Papers
2015 Athens Papers - Call for Papers
2014 London Papers - Photos - Call for Papers
2013 Rutgers Papers - Call for Papers
2012 Stockholm Papers - Photos - Conference Blog - call for papers
2011 Leeds Papers - Call for Papers
2010 Rutgers, New York Papers - Photos - call for papers
2009 Edinburgh Papers - Photos - call for papers
2008 Dublin Michael Burawoy, David Coats
2007 Amsterdam Panel: Chris Smith, Paul Edwards, Hugh Willmott, Irena Grugulis, Paul Thompson
2006 London (RH & Birbeck) Gideon Kunda, Saskia Sassen
2005 Strathclyde Photos
2004 Amsterdam  
2003 Bristol Charlotte Yates, Paul Thompson
2002 Strathclyde Paul Adler (video), Danielle Linhart (video)
2001 Royal Holloway Richard Reeves
2000 Strathclyde Richard Sennett
1999 Royal Holloway Craig Littler / Paul Thompson
1998 Manchester  
1997 Edinburgh  
1996 Aston  
1995 Blackpool George Ritzer
1994 Aston  
1993 Blackpool  
1992 Aston Theo Nichols, Chris Smith / Paul Thompson
1991 Manchester  
1990 Aston Michael Burawoy
1989 Manchester  
1988 Aston  
1987 Manchester  
1986 Aston  
1985 Manchester  
1984 Aston  
1983 Manchester John MacInnes, David Knights, David Collinson