ILPC 2024, 3rd-5th April 2024, Göttingen

ILPC 2023 Plenary Speakers

Plenary Speakers

The opening keynotes of ILPC 2024:

  • Hans-Jürgen Urban, Honorary Professor of Sociology, University of Jena, Germany, and Member of the Executive Board of the German Metal Workers’ Union "IG Metall": Transformation of labour and trade union power resources (slides),
  • Paul Thompson, Emeritus Professor of Management, Work and Organisation, University of Sterling, Scotland: From Coercion to consent in the labour process tradition (script),
  • Sarah Nies, Professor of Sociology with Focus on Digitalisation in the World of Work, University of Göttingen, Germany: Coercion, Consent and Conflict in the Labour Process and Beyond (script and slides).

The closing keynotes of ILPC 2024:

  • Heide Gerstenberger, Emeritus Professor of the Theory of Bourgeois Society and the State, University of Bremen, Germany: Unbounded exploitation in capitalist labour processes (script),
  • Klaus Dörre, Professor of Sociology of Labour, Industry and the Economy, University of Jena, Germany: Transformation and control: class and climate in the German industrial relations model,
  • Nicole Mayer-Ahuja, Professor of Labour Sociology, University of Göttingen, Germany: Labour Process and the Dynamics of Class Formation (slides).