37th ILPC Announced

The 37th International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) will be held in Vienna, Austria, between 24th and 26th April 2019.
Each year the ILPC brings together researchers from a variety of countries with the objective of enhancing our understanding of contemporary developments relating to work and employment. The conference organizers welcome papers on any issue concerning the analysis of labour processes, labour markets, labour organising and labour reproduction. The 2019 conference will additionally focus on ‘Fragmentations and Solidarities’ in contemporary work and employment relations. Thus, a key aim of the conference is to use labour process analysis to understand the varied mechanisms that produce fragmentations in work and employment relations, and to explore the foundations of solidarity on the level of individuals, of collective action, and on the level of national and supra-national policies. This also includes a focus on how changes in the labour process and in employment relations impact on wider societal and political developments.The Call for Papers can be downloaded here.