ILPC 2022, 21st to 23rd April Padua

PhD/ ECR Workshop



39th International Labour Process Conference

University of Greenwich

Monday 12th April 2021 9 am – 12 noon 


In this session we will be helping you to get your work ready for publication by going through participants’ papers live, reviewing them, giving (critical but supportive) guidance on how they can be improved and increasing your chances of securing that elusive 4 or 4* acceptance.  For this to work well we need you to participate.  We need:

  • Papers!  If you are happy for your paper to be reviewed and commented on in public please get in touch.  Ideally these should be full, final papers rather than drafts, work-in-progress or great ideas you haven’t got round to writing up yet
  • Reviewers.  All paper authors will be expected to review others’ work and volunteer reviewers are also welcome.  No experience is necessary and guidance will be provided
  • Participants.  Just come along, listen and comment constructively, all are welcome


Full papers will be circulated to everyone participating beforehand and in the workshop it will be the reviewers, rather than the paper authors, who present a summary of the paper and their comments on it.

Papers need to be submitted by Monday 5th April 2021.  To volunteer a paper, offer to review or for any queries please contact Professor Irena Grugulis